Jacob A. Ginsberg 

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Practice Focus

Lenders and real estate investors hire Jake because he gets their deals done.  His clients note that he delivers real business value through skilled and zealous representation of their interests–without jeopardizing the transaction.  Parties on both sides of transactions frequently cite his ability to engender trust and keep lines of communication open as essential elements in closing a loan, sale or acquisition.

Jake primarily represents national, regional and community banks; private lenders and non-traditional loan providers, who have relied upon his due diligence and documentation in more than 1000 loan transactions, including:

–    Real estate acquisition, construction and refinance loans

–    Working capital, floor plan and account receivable based lines of credit

–    Equipment loans and other asset secured lending


Jake is also a crucial resource in navigating the U.S. Small Business Administration’s loan programs.  On behalf of his lender clients, Jake has guided more than 100 small businesses through the rigorous and complex SBA 7 (a) and SBA 504 loan closing process.  Two of his SBA transactions have been spotlighted by the Federal government as examples of how the programs have been vital to the growth and success of small businesses in the United States.

A wide range of clients benefit from Jake’s legal skills and business acumen, honed over a 20-year career that has endured the best and worst of economic landscapes.  Clients appreciate the close ties Jake routinely develops with their entire team and the deep understanding he develops of the important issues and factors for their specific organization.  His direct and win/win approach saves time and money, prevents errors, and makes his clients look good to both their organization and to their customers.  As a result, his clients spend less time managing deal closings, and more time securing new deals.

When clients retain Jake, they align themselves with someone who understands that business transactions are building blocks for relationships that can be rewarding for all parties well beyond the closing date.